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Dr. Chandrani Mallik is one of the Best Cancer Doctors in Kolkata. She has more than 11 Years experience in the field of Medical Oncology. She has worked in several reputed hospitals in the UK as Best Cancer Specialist Doctor. She has completed MBBS(CAL), MD(RADIATION ONCOLOGY). She successfully obtained  MRCP(UK), MRCP(UK) MEDICAL ONCOLOGY, ESMO CERTIFICATE IN MEDICAL ONCOLOGY. She has extensive experience in Targeted Therapy, Systemic Chemotherapy and Novel Immunotherapies as Best Cancer Specialist in Kolkata. Her expertise includes all solid malignancies with special areas of interest in Urological, Breast, Lung & Gynecological Malignancies. She is one of the Joint Organizing Secretaries of BIMACON – 2023. 

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Urological Cancer

Treatment of Urological Cancer which includes surgery, biological therapy and chemotherapy.

Lung Cancer

Treatment of Lung Cancer which varies but may include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted drug therapy and immunotherapy.

Breast Cancer

Its treatment depends on the stage of cancer. It may consist of chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy and surgery.

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What Patients Says

Hi, I am Nilay, I was diagnosed with stage 4 adenocarcenoma (colon) on oct 2019. One of the top hospitals in Kolkata kept my case as a failure one saying it’s not operable and I may live till I can take chemotherapy. My body was quitting after taking 18 of them. My moral was shattering. But by gods grace I found Dr. Jaydip Biswas who instead of loosing hope on me he put his full effort and incomparable knowledge and performed the surgery, now I am back to my normal life. I must mention Dr. Rahul Chaudhury (Surg) and Dr. Vikas Singh (Surg) who also performed the surgery, for their expertise and constant support and they made sure I don’t loose confidence which really worked for me and my family as well. Currently I am under the guidance of Dr. Chandrani Mallik(MD), to start with she has been extremely sincere and supportive in my case. I found her beside whenever I needed regardless of holidays, off duty time etc which is a very rare thing to experience now a days. Even her positive attitude keeps my moral high, exactly the kind a cancer patient and mainly their loved ones needs. As per my view the best part of this establishment are doctors who works as a team regardless of their discipline of specialisation and I am thankful to all of them.
Nilay Guha Roy
My mother was detected with cancer in late 2020 and like most of the patient families we felt helpless.Out of the different hospitals providing cancer care, we chose HCG EKO.The reason was the state of the art facilities coupled with the warm behaviour and professional attitude of everyone starting from the housekeeping staff, security staff, the lab technicians ,the coordinators to the Doctors. The Doctors have always encouraged my mother and lifted her dampened spirit.The smooth process of her treatment was possible because of doctors like Dr. Ayan Basu, Dr. Chandrani Mallick, Dr.Moumita Maity, Dr.Praloy Basu, the trained nursing staff , punctual and efficient lab technicians like Mr. Asim and Coordinators like Mr.Nidhu Goswami, Ms.Moumita Kundu and Ms.Moumita Patra who are always eager to help and are always responsive to our queries.Nidhu da needs a special mention cause he has been like an elder brother who stood by me during the most critical phases and guided me whenever required.I sincerely hope they all continue to help cancer patients like this for many years to come.
Partha Sarathi Dutta
M super satisfied with the ambience and behaviour of the doctors. Dr Chandrani Mallick is like a God for me. My mom is a cancer survivor and this is the 4th time cancer has relapsed and Dr Chandrani Mallick when ever I need help from her she instantly see my msgs n revert back. I m lucky to have her as my mom's doctor. She is helpful n knowledgeable.
Sanghamitra Sen